Friday Fictioneers – Tour d’Expert

It’s that time again! It took me ages to find a response to the prompt, but once I did I had a lot of fun. Thanks to Rochelle for organising.

Tour d’Expert

Photo prompt – copyright Brenda Cox

Linda interrupted Philip as he was educating the sommelier on the correct way to pour wine.

“Darling, meet Chris. He enjoys cycling too.” She wafted away.

“Ah, a fellow lycra lout! Get out much?”

“Not so much these days.”

“Well, of course,” Philip gestured towards the furiously pedalling hoards on the silent screen, “I’ve done a fair bit of this myself. It’s about building up to it. Start small, time yourself to the shops and back…”

Ten minutes later, he wound up, “So, were you ever in a club? Makes all the difference, y’know.”

Chris smiled.

“Does Team Sky count?”

[100 words]

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Goodbye adjectives, farewell adverbs

I love using adjectives. I’m a terrible tell, not show-er. This 100 word challenge is brilliant for making me stop that. I hope I managed to convey what I wanted about Philip without any of the adjectives I’d usually deploy. I’m just sad that I wasn’t able to give more words to developing Linda’s character. For those of you who might be wondering, I think she knows exactly what she’s doing, introducing Chris to Philip…


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