Weekend writing prompt – Franglais


She throws a soirée instead of a party.
She calls her suitcase a portmanteau.
She says restaurrrrant with the rolled r and the silent t.
She allez to the ballet, she’d never go to a show.
I suppose she’s got some je ne sais quoi, but what do I know?
What I know is, she can’t even speak French.

[59 words]


I tried so hard to write a response involving a really clever portmanteau word this week. I hoped I could coin my own, or failing that, that I could cleverly write a story using as many existing ones as I could. I spent a lot of time thinking, and zero time writing, and finally accepted the sweet relief of giving up and going in another direction after all! I’m going to call it a joyfeat (you see? This is why I shouldn’t coin a portmanteau).

If you look closely, however, you’ll notice a portmanteau word in there after all – albeit only in the title!

Weekend writing prompt – Summer poem

A five-minute poem today, from a prompt by Sammi Cox. I haven’t written a poem for at least 20 years so please be gentle!

Summer walk

Floating on endless moorland waves
Eyes closed, I drift unmoored in an ocean of honeyed heather
Birds wheel and cry
Marshalling my aimless thoughts
To navigate to a safe haven
A pub garden
Beer in hand
Anchored once more.