Weekend writing prompt – Franglais


She throws a soirée instead of a party.
She calls her suitcase a portmanteau.
She says restaurrrrant with the rolled r and the silent t.
She allez to the ballet, she’d never go to a show.
I suppose she’s got some je ne sais quoi, but what do I know?
What I know is, she can’t even speak French.

[59 words]


I tried so hard to write a response involving a really clever portmanteau word this week. I hoped I could coin my own, or failing that, that I could cleverly write a story using as many existing ones as I could. I spent a lot of time thinking, and zero time writing, and finally accepted the sweet relief of giving up and going in another direction after all! I’m going to call it a joyfeat (you see? This is why I shouldn’t coin a portmanteau).

If you look closely, however, you’ll notice a portmanteau word in there after all – albeit only in the title!

Weekend writing prompt – Door Closed, Door Open

Door Closed, Door Open

“Wasting his time in that shed all day,” sniffed Dad.

Mum smiled. “At least he’s not always on his phone. Remember those lovely stones he polished, sea glass or something. I don’t know how he made them glow like that.”

Danny grinned as he retreated to the shed. So she liked those stones? Maybe he’d get her some more.

He bolted the door, covered the windows, then carefully moved the ramshackle pile of junk that hid the strange hieroglyph etched into the wall.

As he touched it the shed filled with unearthly light.

The portal was open.

[97 words]

Thanks to Sammi Cox for the word prompt, as always! Only a snapshot this week, the start of a longer story than I could manage in 97 words, but a good exercise in trying to set up an intriguing scenario, and one I might return to at some future point!

Weekend writing prompt – The Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair

Ma loves that rocking chair. Pa found it at a yard sale, he liked a bargain. Until he hit 50 and started complaining. “Too old,” he said. “Too big,” and he went off to Macy’s to find a newer model. And he found one, too, nineteen and platinum blonde.

But Ma, well, she’s loyal. She adores that old battered chair. Its curves enfold her. She sits every day on the veranda, singing and rocking her beloved grandchildren.

They all love that chair too.

[83 words]

Another Saturday, another weekend word prompt from Sammi! If 100 words was tricky, 83 would be even more so, right? But actually, this story sprang almost fully formed into my mind as soon as I saw the prompt, and the first draft was 88 words. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, and it’s certainly something of a well-worn narrative, but sometimes, you have to write the story that’s there.

Weekend writing prompt – Announcements

Thanks to Sammi Cox for this weekend’s writing prompt – a piece of poetry or prose containing the prompt word.


Times, 13th April 1953
Engagement: Lord Reginald Spokes and The Honourable Clarissa Carter. Much joy.

Times, 15th July 1953
Engagement: Lord Reginald Spokes and Miss Lucy Waring, Charing Cross. Good wishes.

Times, 1st September 1953
Engagement: Lord Reginald Spokes and Miss Cindy Croft, dancer.

Times, 28th December 1953
Obituary: Lord Reginald Spokes, 38. Cause: food poisoning. Died unmarried.

Three ladies fold the newspaper and exchange a satisfied smile.

[68 words]

NB – it goes without saying that any similarity to any real person, living or dead, is not intended!

A quick note on titles

So, Wikipedia tells me that Reginald is a Duke’s younger son, but I’ll admit I did no more research than that, so if I’m wrong on my form of address I’m happy to be corrected!

Weekend writing prompt – Summer poem

A five-minute poem today, from a prompt by Sammi Cox. I haven’t written a poem for at least 20 years so please be gentle!

Summer walk

Floating on endless moorland waves
Eyes closed, I drift unmoored in an ocean of honeyed heather
Birds wheel and cry
Marshalling my aimless thoughts
To navigate to a safe haven
A pub garden
Beer in hand
Anchored once more.